(352) 628-9900 amyb@smdi.net

Fax Scheduling

Providers…Send us your orders by fax to (352) 628-9700 and we will contact the patient to schedule their appointment. Please include the following with your fax:


  Completed and signed order form including patient contact info

  Copy of patient’s insurance card – both front and back

  If pre-authorization is needed, send pertinent clinical notes pertaining to that study only.

Pre-Authorization Available

We are pleased to provide assistance obtaining the patient’s insurance pre-authorization for their procedure, if required. Appropriate forms must be filled out in advance and sent via fax to (352) 628-9700.

Most insurance companies require pre-authorization for MRI, MRA, CT and CTA’s. You may fax the information with your order and we will handle scheduling the patient and obtaining the pre-authorization.

For additional information, please contact our pre-authorization staff at (352) 628-9900.

** Unfortunately we are unable to provide authorization for Humana HMO plans, however we do still accept it.

Online Reports and Images – PACS Access

(Doctor Offices Only)

Reports and patient examinations are available via web access to our PACS. Please call our marketing department at (352) 628-9900 for more info.

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